Daily Weekly and monthly Generator maintenance schedule Sep-2021

Routine maintenance planned in advance to minimize the risk of failure, Planned maintenance could include preventive maintenance procedures such as checking the oil level. In this article, we will discuss the Daily Weekly, and monthly Generator maintenance schedule..

Operation and Maintenance method

◼Requirements of gas, lube oil, and coolant
◼Daily and weekly maintenance schedule
◼250h, 1500h, 4500h maintenance schedule
◼Operation instruction
Requirements of Gas

Replace the gas filter regularly(each 250h). If the gas is dirty, then it will pollute the gas filter accordingly. The Genset will cast down its power when gas filter
gets dirty/blocked. Make sure the inlet gas pressure < 400 Mbar

Requirements of Lub Oil1

–Viscosity should be SAE 15W40 or higher Quality should be API CD or higher Replace lub oil and oil filter regularly (each250h)
Use CF4 or higher level lub oil when running in the plateau(altitude>1000m)

In plateau areas, lube oil is easy to be polluted, the service life of oil (level <CF4 ) is shorter than 250h Not changing lube oil will make the engine not get lubricated normally, will damage the engine.

Requirements of Lub Oil2

◼In plateau area:
–Quality level should be API CF4 or higher If lub oil < CF4, then the oil service life will be halved.
Compare test( 15W40/CD&CF4)

Requirements of Coolant1

–Use a water filter or DCA Powder as required to prevent corrosion and scaling. Check if there is any leakage on the pressure cover and the coolant, make sure the boiling point does not decrease.

Requirements of Coolant2
In cold areas, the coolant used should be ethylene glycol water or antifreeze approved by the manufacturer to meet the environmental conditions. Check the DCA concentration and freezing point in the coolant regularly.

Daily Maintenance Schedule

◼ Lub oil and coolant level
◼ Gas pressure, oil/coolant leakage
◼ Belt loose and wear degree
◼ Radiator fan
◼ Abnormal sound
◼ Abnormal color of exhaust gas
◼ Abnormal power of the engine
◼ Oil pressure and coolant temperature

Weekly Maintenance Schedule

◼Check the intake resistance indicator or replace the empty filter element
◼Drain water and sediment from the gas filter
◼If the gas is dirty or the ambient temperature is low More condensed water will be
produced in the gas filter. The deposited water should be discharged daily

250h Maintenance Schedule
◼ Replace lube oil
◼ Replace oil filter
◼ Replace gas filter
◼ Replace the water filter
◼ Check DCA concentration
◼ Check freezing point of coolant (cold season)
◼ Check or clean radiator panels that are clogged with dust Each 250h.

1500h Maintenance Schedule

<◼ Check and adjust valve clearance
<◼ Check ignition advance Angle.

4500h Maintenance Schedule
◼ Replace spark plugs, ignition coils, and high voltage wires
◼ Check or replace below parts:
 – Turbocharger
–Water pump
–Belt tensioner
–Fan wheel/hub
–Air compressor
–Cold starting auxiliary heater
Operation instruction

◼ When the altitude exceeds the design value, the load should be reduced to improve black smoke, reduce exhaust temp. And guarantee reliability.
◼ In the cold season, the continuous starting time should not be too long (maximum 30s), so as not to damage the battery and starter。
◼ In the cold season, heating up the battery(max 58℃) is good for the battery。
◼ Do not run under heavy load immediately after the engine starts in the cold season to avoid damaging the engine. Pay attention to the normal oil pressure and water temperature before increasing the load.
◼ When the machine stops under heavy load, the machine should be shut down after 2 to 3 minutes of idle load or idle speed, otherwise, the supercharger and the live cylinder will be easily damaged.

What is included in scheduled maintenance?

Maintaining your system involves the following, inspections, Cleaning, adjustments, regular service, general observations, and planned shutdowns..

Is scheduled generator maintenance necessary?

It’s important to perform routine maintenance on a generator in order to keep it running smoothly.

What are the signs that my generator needs maintenance?

1-Vibrations are bad.
2-Bad Smell.
3-There is a high level of smoke.
4-Extreme temperatures

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