Exhaust System Maintenance Diesel Generators

While designing an exhaust system avoiding back pressure is very important. Excessive exhaust backpressure can contribute to poor engine performance and increasing working temperature.

Ensure that all exhaust piping is well supported and located away from vibration points. Flammable material must be located 250mm far away from the exhaust pipes because of high temperature. Shield or insulated exhaust pipe if there is a danger.

A vertical exhaust outlet must be fitted with rain caps that are moving by the exhaust pressure.

Water draining points must exist on the base of the vertical exhaust pipes. By this way, the silencer and the engine are protected from water. Every engine must have its own exhaust system.

Respiration of exhaust gases can cause death. An exhaust system must be properly installed for avoiding gas accumulates.

Don’t be exposed to engine exhaust noise for a long period because it is dangerous for your hearing ability.

Do not operate a generator set if its exhaust system isn’t totally installed. The people working nearby the generator set must use earlaps.



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