Diesel Generators Fuel system maintenance method:

Fuel system maintenance tips:

Main aim of the fuel system is to supply clean and continual fuel to the engine. Ensure that the fuel system has been designed and correctly and suitable materials have been selected. It is recommended that a fuel filter and/or a water separator is to be installed to fuel tank outlet line.

These points to be considered fuel system design:

  • Using of suitable manufacturing material in term of fuel
  • Spacing a minimum distance of 300mm between the fuel outlet and fuel return.
  • Using of seamless steel, proper plastic or copper pipes.
  • Not installed a gauze on the fuel filling point of the tank.
  • Not painting on the inside walls of tank.
  • Not using of galvanized or improper pipes in fuel system.
  • Not using of hoses made of thread.

The clean fuel should be used for a reliable operation and longer life time of the engine. Auxiliary fuel tank are desirable if fuel pressure value caused by the main fuel tank’s location is out of procedure pressure limits.

Fuel level in the tank should not exceed a height of 4 meter above and 3 meter below the fuel lift pump. Valves, check valves or any other requirements must not be installed on the fuel return line between engine and fuel tank.

Allowed maximum fuel inlet temperature given by procedure should be taken into account in stage of design of fuel tank capacity. The rising of fuel temperature causes some changes on fuel viscosity,density and combustion quality, So engine performance and exhaust emission will be affected negatively.

Since the fuel supplied to the engine should not be full of entrained air, the fuel lines must be designed so as not to keep air inside.

If a mobile genset will be operated with a fuel tank, in this case a special surge baffles must be provided a reliable operation of the genset.


Flame ,spark and smoking is a potential fire hazard in fuel existing areas.

Engine Fuel System diagram with mention name:

  1.  Fuel Tank
  2. Strainer
  3. Fuel filter
  4. Fuel filter ass’y
  5. Fuel water drain plug
  6. Air bleeding plug(For fuel filter)
  7. Fuel pipe connector
  8. Injection pump
  9. Injector
  10. Fuel pressure relief valve
  11. Fuel return pipe
  12. Fuel feed pump

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