How to Remove Refrigerant from Car AC With 08-Easy steps

As we mentioned in the title of the article, we will share with you a few simple steps that will help you how to remove Refrigerant from car AC. Do you have questions about how to remove refrigerant from car AC /air conditioning? If the answer is Yes, then you are in the right place.

What do you need?

Before we begin discussing How to Remove Refrigerant from Car AC, let’s review the necessary items. You will need the following items:

  • Refrigerant Purity Tool
  • An Air Conditioning Service Machine
  • The supply of HC-134A(If you are also recharging your air conditioner and are not reusing old refrigerant)

How to Remove Refrigerant from Car AC?

In order to do this, we must devise a workaround that places the refrigerant in the evaporator section until you are ready to reload the compressor. In this way, you can save both time and money, which you would otherwise have to spend on renting equipment and setting it up. Let’s see how this goes:

01. Turn off the indoor thermostat.
02.Determine your compressor's suction side as well as the low-pressure side of your refrigerant.In the condensing unit, you'll find the latter.It is your job to connect these two.
03. Your wrench will be used to close the service valve on the low-pressure condenser. A hex key may be required instead of a wrench, depending on the valve.
04. Now, slightly close the high-pressure side's service valve.
05. At this point, focus on the compressor,and connecting it with a low-voltage jumper.
06. Allow the low-pressure valve empty.
07. At the moment it reaches vacuum, shut off the service valve immediately.
08. De-energize the compressor now. 

Congratulations! You’re done!

Conclusion: If you have the right tools, it’s not as difficult as you might think to remove your car’s air-conditioning. The challenge is that these tools can be difficult to get for most people on a regular basis. You can easily discharge your car’s air conditioner on your own if you have an air conditioning service machine, a refrigerant purity tool, and HC-134A on hand.

The final steps must be completed very quickly. You can damage your compressor by delaying these steps. So, Focus and speed are your two main priorities. If you need assistance during some steps, ask a friend or family member for assistance.

There is no need for professional assistance to remove refrigerant from your car’s air conditioner. In case you have never attempted such a DIY project before and do not understand the process, components, and mechanisms, consult a professional. A mistake could lead to serious consequences, which we’re sure you don’t want.

Safety Tips When Removing Refrigerant from Car AC

When performing this process, you must wear safety goggles and safety gloves. You can’t switch off the service valve with your open hands. Using a hex key and wrench would be safer and faster. Furthermore, it prevents electric shocks

Best of luck! Do let us know if this guide helped you.